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5 Reasons Why Your Company Is Safer in the Cloud

Tue 7th August 2012
Sony, Walgreens, Best Buy, Citibank. What dubious connection do these well-known companies share? All of them fell victim to major, headline-making data breaches in 2011.

When data breaches happen to big companies, it’s natural for small businesses to take notice. Events like these create the impression that data--particularly data stored in the cloud--is vulnerable. In fact, recent research by Microsoft found that 51% of small business owners are hesitant to use cloud-based solutions because of data privacy concerns.

Despite these fears, a key fact remains: The cloud can offer far better security than you can provide on your own. Here are five reasons why: » click for full story!

j2 Global Reports Second Quarter 2012 Results

Thu 2nd August 2012
Achieves Record Quarterly and Six Month Revenues and Quarterly and Six Month Free Cash Flows Increases Quarterly Dividend by 2.3% to $0.22 Per Share

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQGS:JCOM) today reported financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2012 and announced that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.22 per share.
» click for the full story!

The silver lining – why cloud computing is an economic opportunity

Thu 19th July 2012
€207bn: Estimated value of the cloud computing market by 2016

14m: Number of cloud computing jobs that could be generated worldwide by 2015

€500m: Costs that could be taken out of the Irish economy by deploying cloud technology

9,600: Number of jobs that could be created in Ireland through opportunities in cloud

10 issues to consider when developing a cross-platform backup strategy

Mon 4th June 2012
Takeaway: A number of extra factors can complicate the process of backing up multiple server platforms. Asking these critical questions will help ensure that your plan is viable.

Server backups are usually pretty straightforward, but things can become complex if you have a heterogeneous network consisting of multiple server platforms. Here some questions to consider when planning a cross platform backup strategy. » Read the full article here

j2 Global Reports First Quarter 2012 Results

Fri 4th May 2012
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQGS:JCOM) reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2012 and announced that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.215 per share. Revenues increased 18.1% to a quarterly record $86.7 million compared to $73.4 million for Q1 2011. » Click here for full story...

Recovery-as-a-Service Growing Among Midmarket Companies: Gartner

Thu 3rd May 2012
Among the midsize companies using RaaS at present, two camps are forming, a Gartner report finds. By 2014, 30 percent of midsize companies will have adopted recovery-in-the-cloud, also known as recovery-as-a-service (RaaS), to support IT operations recovery, up from just over 1 percent today, according to Gartner.

RaaS describes the managed replication of virtual machines (VMs) and production data in a service provider's cloud, together with the means to activate the VMs to support either recovery testing or actual recovery operations. The location of the data center equipment, the party housing the provider's cloud equipment and the price vary by provider. » Read the full article here

Businesses have high hopes for virtualization and the cloud.

Thu 23rd February 2012
Forty percent of US SMBs agreed that migrating to a virtualized and/or cloud-based environment would help ensure their backup and disaster recovery procedures run more smoothly. Additionally, 76 percent agree that the best way to improve backup and disaster recovery would be to have an integrated (physical, virtual, cloud) solution. » Read about the full study here...

j2 Global Reports Q4 and Year End 2011 Results

Tue 14th February 2012
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQGS:JCOM) today reported financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2011 and announced that its Board of Directors has declared an increased quarterly cash dividend of $0.21 per share and a five million share repurchase program. » Click here for full story...

KeepItSafe Launches All-in-One Disaster Recovery Solution for High Data Availability

Wed 25th January 2012
DUBLIN, IRELAND -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 01/25/12 -- KeepItSafe, a global provider of managed online backup and disaster recovery services and a brand of j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM), has launched KeepItSafe DR, an enterprise class online backup and disaster recovery solution. KeepItSafe DR enables companies of any size to recover data, to re-host applications and to reconnect users to the recovery environment quicker than traditional technologies, whilst significantly reducing costs. » Click here for the full article

j2 Global Acquires Offsite Backup Solutions, LLC

Mon 23rd January 2012
LOS ANGELES -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ:JCOM), the provider of cloud-based services for businesses, today announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Offsite Backup Solutions, LLC, a Phoenix-based provider of online backup solutions.

» Click here for the full article

Happy New Year from all the team at KeepItSafe

Tue 3rd January 2012
Many thanks for your continued business and support throughout 2011. We look forward to working with you in 2012.

Kent O'Donnell in the spotlight

Fri 16th December 2011
Have you ever wondered who the person is behind the reports, calls, and emails that you receive from KeepItSafe each day? We have a team of dedicated engineers and data experts whose sole responsibility is to manage, monitor, and ensure the integrity of your data. This month our spotlight is on Kent O'Donnell.

Kents interests are shooting things, playing music, painting, a little computer gaming (Battlefield 3) and preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I hang out a lot with a sarcastic 4 year old and a 19 month old wrecking ball.

We've got your backup!

KeepItSafe to recruit 50 UK partners in next six months

Wed 7th December 2011
This mornings coverage in Siliconrepublic

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Take our LinkedIn Poll

Tue 6th December 2011
What data backup method are you currently using?

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Quote of the day

Wed 23rd November 2011
“It is great to know that your service extends beyond just the provision of software and storage but that you actually check and follow-up on failed backups”, Peter Rose, Tekenable

Should schools continue backing up onto tape?

Thu 17th November 2011
Tape containing sensitive information on pupils stolen from a Wolverhampton School, KeepItSafe, a j2 Global Company, comment

Following news that an unencrypted data tape containing sensitive information about pupils and parents has been stolen from The Phoenix Nursery School in Wolverhampton, online backup experts KeepItSafe are calling on all schools to review their data security practices and wake up to the risks involved with tape – namely theft and loss in this case.

“Data left lying around on tape is an easy target for thieves – especially when it isn’t even encrypted,” said Eoin Blacklock, Managing Director at KeepItSafe. “Yes, the data on the tape, may have been recovered, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t also fallen into the wrong hands – the tape has still been stolen and we may well see more repercussions down the line. This incident should act as a wake-up call to other schools – it’s simply unacceptable that information on children is left out for anyone to steal.”

According to reports, the data has been recovered but the actual tape containing names and addresses of 70 pupils and their families has not been found. The school was found to have fallen foul of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and has now been forced to sign an undertaking to improve its data handling procedures through the use of encryption and better staff training.

“The ICO is right to berate The Phoenix Nursery School on its careless use of tapes and the lack of data encryption, but the more fundamental question here is why such sensitive information was saved on a portable device in the first place, and why it was then left in the school rather than safely stored elsewhere?” continued Blacklock. “What’s more, it seems unreasonable to ask school staff to accept the responsibility of looking after this information – a much simpler solution would be to automate the process and back up to an encrypted service online.”

Quote of the day

Wed 16th November 2011

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to highlight our experience with keepITsafe over the last few years. It's not often that people get praised for good work so we just wanted to show our appreciation.

We deal with a number of IT service providers and support companies but none come close to the standard of support
provided by keepITsafe. I don't think we've ever had to log a call, it seems that your guys pick up on it straight away and are in contact before we even know that there's a problem. I've dealt with a number of people at keepITsafe and have always found them a pleasure to work with, very professional and efficient.

Many Thanks,

Best regards

Lorraine Scanlon
IT Administrator

j2 Global in the Irish Times Today

Fri 11th November 2011

Rochdale Council loss of 18,000 records stored on USB – are memory sticks a secure enough choice, asks KeepItSafe?

Mon 7th November 2011
Following news that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found Rochdale Council in breach of the Data Protection Act for losing an unencrypted memory stick, online backup experts KeepItSafe have questioned whether local government organisations should be storing sensitive data on portable devices in the first place – no matter whether encrypted or not.

According to reports, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council lost a memory stick containing the personal records of 18,000 residents in May 2011 – the data included names and addresses, along with details of payments to and by the council.

“Rochdale Council has had its hands slapped for losing the personal data of local residents, but while the ICO is right to point out the importance of encrypting memory sticks, it’s questionable whether this type of data should ever be placed on portable devices in the first place,” said Eoin Blacklock, Managing Director at KeepItSafe. “The hard truth is that the number one cause of data loss is human error – cybercriminals are resourceful and can often hack encryption standards once they get their hands on a device. Unless Government organisations – and indeed any company handling sensitive customer information – invest in a secure and encrypted way of storing their data online in multiple data centres, they can never be completely sure this information won’t be compromised.”

KeepItSafe also points out that USB sticks still need to be stored in a safe, fireproof location away from your computer to make them a viable backup option. Furthermore, recent technology advancements mean that companies can now outsource their data backup to a dedicated provider, storing their information on a secure server in a remote location.

Did you know?

Wed 26th October 2011
KeepItSafe is part of a global communications network that servers 11 million customers worldwide.

1 year on and KeepItSafe have increased customers, partners and have maintained our 99% customer retention rate.

Is your business prepared for torrential rain?

Tue 25th October 2011
Hard drive failure can be a shattering experience for businesses. It can mean severe financial repercussions with downtime and lost revenues.

There is only one way of securing your data and making sure it is fully restorable and that is to put in place a fully managed and fully monitored online backup solution. This guarantees that your data is stored in a state of the art datacentre, fully encrypted and available for restore at the click of a button.

Questions you should ask your provider

Thu 20th October 2011
Businesses should always ask the key question of their MSP - Where is my data being stored?

Why not ask to take a tour of datacentre facilities so you get an understanding of the set up.

Other questions you could also ask:
If I need to retrieve a file how long will it take?
Does anyone else have access to my data?
Do you have any reference sites?
What are your security standards?

The best of luck

Security in the cloud

Tue 11th October 2011
It is only right that businesses are concerned about the security of their data, especially when they are handing over their data to a service provider. Historically businesses backed up their data to tape or hard drive and could physically see where that data was.

As cloud services and online backup have come to the market it will take time for businesses to understand the true benefits of cloud offerings. One perfect example - with tape backup your data is unencrypted and not secure versus online backup, fully encrypted and secure.

This is why it is so important for businesses to research the companies security procedures when choosing a cloud services provider or online backup provider. Cloud as a term is extremely misleading for most businesses and creates a sense of "up in the sky" somewhere. Education and information will be two of the main factors in the growth of cloud services and also in eradicating security concerns for businesses.

KeepItSafe number 21 in top 75 online backup companies

Fri 30th September 2011

Count down to the CRN Channel Event

Fri 23rd September 2011
Visit our stand at this years show
» Click here for event details

Only 40% Of Japan Firms Protected Against Data Theft

Wed 17th August 2011
SurveyTOKYO (Nikkei)--While a majority of Japanese companies are protected against computer viruses, only about 40% have installed systems to prevent information leaks, a survey shows.

» Download full release here

Survey shows users more willing to steal data than you thought; especially the Brits

Thu 28th July 2011
Everyone who's ever had anything to do with data security or end user support know a company's employees are its biggest security risk.

The fine-tuned deductive logic of many in IT security, however, has been warped by months or years spent in direct end-user support to the point that even the most effective threat detectives tend to consider the danger from herds of sheeple in userland to be primarily that they will crush the servers in a stampede toward birthday sheet cake or, if left unsupervised, unplug the firewall so they can download files more quickly from MusicalMalware.com.

» Download full article

The most common data theft case: The inside job

Wed 13th July 2011
Of all the corporate cases a computer forensics consultant might be called upon to investigate, data theft, or theft of proprietary information, is the most common, says Richard Morochove of Morochove and Associates, a computer forensics firm in Toronto.

“One thing that has been fairly common is suspicion that an employee or former employee has gotten access to proprietary company data and has either sent it to a competitor or is using it to compete with the company,” says Morochove. “So this would be data such as customer lists or proprietary price lists, that sort of thing.”

» Read full article

Amount of data in 2011 equal to 57.5bn 32GB Apple iPads

Tue 28th June 2011
Some 1.8 zettabytes of data will be created in 2011, according to a new IDC Digital Universe study, equal to 57.5bn 32GB Apple iPads. This means data volumes are doubling every two years – faster than Moore’s Law.

» Download full article

Laptop with 8.6 million NHS records vanishes from hospital

Wed 15th June 2011
A laptop containing unencrypted medical data for 8.63 million people has reportedly gone missing from a storeroom of a health authority in London, potentially the biggest data loss disaster ever to befall the NHS.

Details of the loss, reported in The Sun newspaper, are sparse so far but it appears that the machine was one of 20 that disappeared from a store used by NHS medical research organisation London Health Programmes, run by the North Central London health authority.

» Full article here

Battle of the Clouds Convenience V’s Security Risks

Fri 27th May 2011
Backupreview.info profile our recent release

» Download full article

j2 Global - A one stop shop for your business

Thu 26th May 2011
Founded in 1995, J2 Global Communications (Nasdaq:JCOM) is a true Internet pioneer. The original product was eFax, which allows for faxing via the Net. In fact, it is still a top seller. Then again, the company continues to add nifty features. The latest is a file sharing service.

» Full story here

UK Forrester Report

Mon 16th May 2011
A report just released claims to show that 88% of firms are focusing their IT security investments on boosting their data security defences. In addition, the report concludes that 2011 will see a lot more organisations sourcing their IT security software online.

» Click here for full report

We are all exposed to data loss

Thu 12th May 2011
What are the best ways to protect your data?

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Are you following us on twitter yet?

Thu 12th May 2011

KeepItSafe in the Irish Times today

Thu 12th May 2011
Concerns over sensitive data

» Click here for full story

j2 Global to invest €640,000 in Ireland

Wed 27th April 2011
FOLLOWING ITS acquisition of Dublin technology firm KeepItSafe, Nasdaq-quoted J2 Global Communications has announced a €640,000 investment in its Irish operations which will create 10 new jobs.

» Read full article

j2 Global (our parent company) launch j2.com

Tue 26th April 2011
j2 Global Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM), the provider of cloud-based, value-added communication, messaging and backup services, announces the launch of www.j2.com, a new website that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to learn about, and sign up for, the company's suite of premium brands.

The website showcases the following cloud services for businesses:

•eFax® for online fax
•eVoice® for virtual phone
•Campaigner® for email marketing
•FuseMail® for hosted email services
•KeepItSafe™ for online backup
•Onebox® for unified communications

Aviva Stadium backing up with KeepItSafe

Thu 31st March 2011
KeepItSafe®, a brand of j2 Global Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:JCOM) scores big with the recent signing of a contract to backup all data relating to the Aviva Stadium. The decision to have KeepItSafe involved in the IT structure of the company was made based on the importance of data protection and recovery for Aviva Stadium. The stadium is Ireland's first, and only, UEFA Elite Stadium.

Critical information and data on Aviva servers relating to matches and events is now backed up to multiple datacentres. The entire data process is managed and monitored by KeepItSafe engineers 24/7 allowing for the flawless backup of data on a daily basis.

Companies plead guilty to data breach

Tue 22nd March 2011
UPC, Vodafone, O2 and Eircom have pleaded guilty to breaching the Data Protection laws.

The charges related to the making of unsolicited marketing phone calls and sending unsolicited marketing messages.

The companies were ordered to pay almost €15,000 in fines between them.
» Download full article

Refreshingly Old Fashioned

Wed 9th March 2011
Watch out for our RIP tape backup campaign

Gaming company in safe hands with online backup solution

Thu 17th February 2011
IT Force, a leading provider of IT managed services in Ireland, has rolled out the KeepItSafe® online backup solution to Ireland’s latest addition to the growing online gaming industry – Broadway Gaming.

Eoin Blacklock Co-Founder KeepItSafe, Joe Molloy Managed Services Director IT Force and David M.Butler Managing Director Broadway Gaming

» Silicon Republic

» Bizstartup.ie

» Backupreview.info

» Irishdev.com

Coverage on Datapac Alliance

Fri 11th February 2011

KeepItSafe sign up another UK partner

Thu 3rd February 2011
KeepItSafe's Fully Managed and Fully Monitored Online Backup Solution is gaining momentum in the UK market.

Ten Laptops Stolen from Revenue

Fri 28th January 2011
Taken from rte.ie

Gardaí in Dublin are investigating the theft of laptops from the Offices of the Revenue Commissioners.
Taken from rte.ie

Detectives believe three of men walked in to the offices on the Navan Road at around 7pm last night and took ten laptops.

The Revenue Commissioners says all its laptops are encrypted.

Gardaí are examining the scene today with Revenue Officials. They are trying to determine if anything else was stolen and what information was on the laptops.

Online data backup

Wed 26th January 2011
Join our online data backup partner programme.
Successful recurring revenue model
No more backup issues
Technical and sales support

Its simple - call 1890 222 587 for more details

Testimonial of the day - thanks Des

Thu 13th January 2011
"I don’t know what we would do without you" Des Marron, Obelisk

Rebranding as part of a j2 Global company

Thu 13th January 2011
Hi guys - we are in the process of rebranding our website. Over the coming days you will notice a new logo with the addition of a free fone UK number. This is in line with the recent acquisition of KeepItSafe by j2 Global Communications.

The team have settled into the new offices in Santry and are looking forward to a successful 2011.

Happy New Year from all the team at KeepItSafe

Tue 4th January 2011

Small and medium businesses turn to online backup

Mon 20th December 2010
MJ Flood and KeepItSafe feature in this weekends Sunday Business Post.

» Download profile

Merry Christmas from all the team at KeepItSafe

Mon 20th December 2010

Partner recruitment in the UK

Fri 3rd December 2010
Big drive on at the moment - call CMS for more details
Michael Hall
DDI : +44 (0)20 8962 2526

NTES launch new website

Wed 24th November 2010
NTES a strategic partner of KeepItSafe have recently launched a new website and blog page.

» View Website

We are hiring

Wed 24th November 2010
Network Support Enginner
Network Administrator

» Download Job Descriptions here

Back-up a must for any business

Wed 10th November 2010
As seen in Computers in Business

» Download here

ALIVE - new product launched by KeepItSafe

Tue 9th November 2010
We are delighted to launch ALIVE to market. Very exciting times for KeepItSafe and the team

» Full product details

KeepItSafe sign partnership with CMS Peripherals to grow UK customer base

Fri 22nd October 2010
KeepItSafe are delighted to announce this new partnership with CMS Peripherals an Information Storage and Digital Consumer products distributor.

"This strategic alliance will see KeepItSafe's online backup solution accessible to IT partners in the UK with the support from the business development team in the CMS offices" stated Eoin Blacklock, managing director, KeepItSafe

UK partners please visit » click here

KeepItSafe launch partner drive

Fri 15th October 2010
Announcement will be made in this weekends Sunday Business Post.

Days away from our new product launch

Wed 6th October 2010
Keep an eye out for our new product launching soon

New partnership to be announced shortly

Wed 22nd September 2010
Watch this space!

Sunday Business Post

Wed 8th September 2010
Eoin Blacklock and Jonathan Crowe interviewed for this months Computers in Business - read pages 25, 32 and 33

» Download full mag here

KeepItSafe listed 16th in top 75 global online backup companies

Wed 1st September 2010
KeepItSafe listed in top 75 global online backup companies. KeepItSafe are number 16 on the list!

» click here to download

Computers in Business

Tue 31st August 2010
Out this Sunday. There will be a section on online backup and also malicious data attacks. Both Jonathan and Eoin were interviewed for the piece.

New product launch coming soon from KeepItSafe

Wed 25th August 2010
Watch this space!

KeepItSafe 16th on world rankings for online backup companies in August

Wed 25th August 2010

Watch out for the Munster Express over the next week

Tue 3rd August 2010
For KeepItSafe and Global IT coverage

Have a great bank holiday weekend

Fri 30th July 2010
From all of the staff at KeepItSafe

News from one of our Northern Partners - Outsource Solutions

Fri 30th July 2010
Outsource Solutions would like to congratulate Gareth Nesbitt on achieving Microsoft Certification status of MCITP Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Server Administrator and Enterprise Support Technician.

» click here for full details

KeepItSafe in the Kilkenny Advertiser

Tue 27th July 2010
Read full article here

» Click here

Metro Herald

Thu 22nd July 2010
Check out the Metro Herald this morning - page 20

» Download here

Accelerated Captial Allowance Scheme assists KeepItSafe

Wed 21st July 2010
Photo Attached
Eamon Ryan TD, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
Eoin Blacklock, Managing Director, KeepItSafe

The Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme which is administered by the SEAI, on behalf of Minister Eamon Ryan’s energy department, allows companies to buy energy efficient equipment and write off its full cost against corporation tax in the year of purchase. Through this scheme KeepItSafe purchased €80,000 of energy efficient servers, reducing their annual data centre running costs by 30%.

» Download full release

Thanks for coverage siliconrepublic.com

Wed 21st July 2010
Coverage on our recent release below

» Full article

Why backup offsite if we already have a tape backup system?

Thu 15th July 2010
Its simple - tape backup technology is dated and not a long term backup solution for your business. Tapes are similar to old video cassettes and are not durable. Above anything else there is no guarantee of a restore. They are slow and require human intervention to make them work.

This Sundays Business Post

Wed 14th July 2010
Taking human intervention out of IT backup - watch out for the write up.

Credit Union Roll Out

Wed 14th July 2010
150 Credit Unions on the KeepItSafe backup platform with our partner NSSL to date. The roll out continues to go well. Working on a great case study with a local Credit Union that highlights the true benefits of having your data backed up offsite.

KeepItSafe on siliconrepublic.com

Fri 9th July 2010
Download full article

» Click here

KeepItSafe invest €50,000 in datacentre infrastructure

Thu 8th July 2010
KeepItSafe today announced the completion of their IT investment in a private fibre connection due to the increased demand in their online backup service. KeepItSafe is the only online backup backup company in Ireland to invest at this scale between both their datacentres – Digiweb and Data Electronics. The fibre connection offers the highest level of network security and uptime for KeepItSafe’s customer base.

» Download full release

Tape backup still prevails in Ireland

Wed 7th July 2010
Despite 40% of companies admitting to data loss

» Click here

Survey results

Wed 30th June 2010
Photo above from top: Eoin Blacklock, Managing Director, KeepItSafe. Joe Molloy, Managed Services Director, IT Force, Kelly Crowley, Assistant Fundraising Officer, Dublin Simon.

Tape backup strategy still prevails despite 40% admitting to data loss. A recent survey of 400 Irish organisations reveals that despite concerns about its reliability, organisations continue to use traditional methods, such as tape to backup their sensitive data.

» Download full survey

Businessworld feature KeepItSafe

Wed 30th June 2010

KeepItSafe mentioned in the Irish Times

Wed 30th June 2010

Blog about recent survey

Wed 30th June 2010
Many thanks to JJ Worrall

» More info here

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Wed 30th June 2010

Socrates partnership for KeepItSafe

Wed 16th June 2010
Going really well. We would like to thank all the team for support with partnership!

Customers demand extra security for data

Wed 16th June 2010
KeepItSafe have seen a steady increase in demand for our online backup solution - a recently signed partnership with MoreSoft sees the company moving over all of their managed service customers to KeepItSafe's online backup platform

» Full article here

Sunday Business Post

Thu 10th June 2010
Online backup is a handy service for home workers that removes the risk of losing valuable data.

Ian Campbell speaks to Eoin Blacklock in this months Computers in Business
» Click here for more info

Survey Results

Tue 8th June 2010
Watch out for our latest survey results. Very interesting...

ICS Event today

Tue 25th May 2010
Darragh Canavan is presenting at todays lunch and learn at the ICS.

» click here for more details

KeepItSafe in top 25 online backup companies worldwide

Tue 25th May 2010
List announced. See below

Socrates and KeepItSafe partnership

Tue 18th May 2010
Patient Information at risk if backup plan is not in place

» Download full article

Datapac event this Thursday

Tue 18th May 2010
Darragh from KeepItSafe will be speaking at a Datapac event this Thursday along with Renaissance. See details here

» click here for more information

Bizstartup.ie profiles Eoin

Tue 4th May 2010
To view full article click here

» click here to download

Eoin Blacklock in todays Irish Times

Fri 30th April 2010
Gordon Smith interviewed Eoin for this Friday's Irish Times.

» Download here

Confidence is key to business success - Eoin Blacklock

Tue 27th April 2010
As written on Businessandleadership.com this morning

» Download full article

Lunch and Learn

Mon 26th April 2010
Darragh Canavan will be hosting a lunch and learn in conjunction with ICS - for more information and to register your attendance please visit

» RSVP click here

Tape V's Online Backup

Wed 21st April 2010
As seen in the Sunday Business Post

» Download here

Coverage for ISO

Wed 14th April 2010

Backup Debate

Tue 13th April 2010
Watch out for our Q&A session in this weeks Sunday Business Post. We will discuss the ongoing debate between online backup and tape backup!

ISO pics just released

Tue 13th April 2010
Michael Brophy, CEO of Certification and Jonathan Crowe, Technical Director, KeepItSafe

KeepItSafe are Irelands only ISO 27001 online backup certified company.

Dental case study

Tue 13th April 2010
You wouldnt risk your patients care, so why risk losing your data?

» Click here to download