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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup

Fully managed. Fully monitored. Fully reassuring.

Eliminate the hassle of manual data backup. The KeepItSafe Microsoft Dynamics® NAV backup solution automates the backup procedure for your Microsoft ERP system.

Our fully managed and monitored backup service automatically and securely transmits your data to our offsite data centre, saving you time and instilling precious peace of mind that your data will be there when it counts.

The leader in Microsoft Dynamics NAV backup for business:

Feature   Benefit
Free installation by KeepItSafe   No upfront capital costs
Data managed, monitored, and configured according to world-class ISO standards   Peace of mind knowing your data and systems are secure 24/7
Data stored in multiple offsite data centres   Enables IT professionals to overcome manual automation problems
Automatic, scalable backup   Eliminates hassle and grows when you grow
Restore files from anywhere   Information accessible from multiple sites at once
The KeepItSafe promise: Zero data loss, zero downtime.
How It Works
KeepItSafe experts manage your data every day to ensure you are up and running within minutes in the event of interruption.
The staff at KeepItSafe are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We now feel that we can survive any emergency involving our data systems.

~ Trish Parker, Agriguard