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KeepItSafe IT Disaster Recovery & Failover Server
Recovery of Mission-Critical Windows Applications

Turn Downtime Right Side Up Again

The future of data backup is here.

KeepItSafe DR is the only all-in-one online backup and IT disaster recovery solution to fully protect your servers and office environment while ensuring minimal downtime and the ability to access your data anywhere there's an Internet connection. Download our DR brochure here.


What is available to you?

Option 1: Onsite Disaster Recovery Only

Full bare-metal images to onsite DR server; Instant failover server; rollback and testing to onsite DR server; License, Support, Monitoring and Management to provide you with a robust IT disaster recovery solution.

Option 2: Onsite & Offsite Disaster Recovery

Full bare-metal images to DR server, with daily off-site images to multiple data centres to ensure a fail proof business disaster recovery system.

The KeepItSafe promise: Zero data loss, zero downtime.
How It Works
KeepItSafe experts manage your data every day to ensure you are up and running within minutes in the event of interruption.
We now have a reliable, cost-effective system that allows us to manage our business more efficiently. If our system goes down or data gets corrupted, KeepItSafe will have all files restored in a matter of minutes. We will never lose data again!

~ Natalie Reid, O'Farrell Property